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No More PR & Marketing Bollox! is campaigning to stamp out all those jargon-filled, unexplained, acronym quoting and nonsensical articles that have for too long plagued our world of PR & Marketing - and made it almost impossible for SMEs and Start-ups to get clear cut, simple, actionable advice.

This weekly blog-site is dedicated to providing the SME and Start-up community with highly reliable, no-nonsense and straight-talking advice on PR and Marketing.

The goal of No More PR & Marketing Bollox! is to bring together an array of tips, hacks and insights from entrepreneurs, marketers, and PR professionals to provide SMEs and start-ups with weekly, straight-talking, and no-nonsense advice on PR & marketing, which will enable them to thrive and succeed in the digital world.

Please, join us and help us to stamp out 'All that PR & Marketing Bollox' that is spouted by those who do not realise that they are just confusing the business leaders and management that so need it to help their businesses thrive and grow. Please help us to build a community and platform where SMEs and Start-ups can come for well considered, clearly written, jargon-free, concise and not in any way confusing advice on PR & Marketing.

We would love for you to join our campaign.

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With more than two decades of experience running his own technology-focused PR and marketing firm, author and curator Bob Dearsley understands what you don't about PR and marketing. His straight-forward, witty and accessible advice will help you realise the remarkable benefits and advantages that the immediacy of the modern, connected world provides and how to leverage them for the long-term success of your business. You may not be able to afford a PR agency, but you can’t afford to miss out on Bob’s advice.

    No More PR & Marketing Bollox!

    PR & Marketing Hints and Tips

    Using Snapchat and Instagram for B2B Marketing

    In the relatively short period of time that modern social media has been around – only 13 years – it has evolved tremendously. The earliest forms of online social media were limited to emails and internet relay chats (IRCs). The first “recognisable” social media website didn’t exist until 1997 in the form of Six Degrees and Facebook wasn't about until 2004!

    Fast-forward thirteen years from the birth of Facebook and the social media landscape is filled with players – all offering different methods of ‘socialisation’. From professional networks such as LinkedIn to photo sharing websites such as Flickr and Pinterest, social media has become an incredibly diverse market.

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    Four social media stats that will change how you market your business

    Over the past several years, the popularity of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest has exploded. Whether you use the networks in your personal life or not, there’s no excuse for keeping schtum when it comes to your business. Social media can help you boost relationships with your clients, grow your audience, promote your latest products and services and boost brand awareness and authority.

    But social media isn’t as straight forward as it once was. To find success, you need to work harder than ever before and prove to social media users that you’re worth following. So where should you start, and which social networks should you focus on? Below, we’ve rounded up four social media stats that will change the way you think about social media for your brand.


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    Why you need a culture code in 2018

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    AI in marketing and customer service: What can chatbots do for marketers?

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    Halloween, Marketing Automation adoption & why Americans go crazy about things

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    8 top tips for getting started with video marketing in your business

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    The benefits of video marketing for SMEs and start-ups

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    The Sales & Marketing process was always about “Closing”. What is it now?

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    Top tips on preparing for GDPR for small businesses

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    What is the GDPR? A quick guide to the GDPR for small businesses

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