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In this week's video - Bob Dearsley, the author and curator of No More PR & Marketing Bollox, talks about his inspiration for the title of the book (now weekly blog site) and why the term "Bollocks" is perfectly acceptable to say. 

We (the team and I) thought, seeing as everybody uses the term 'bollocks' in common-day parlance, we could campaign to make people stop talking bollocks - particularly in the world of marketing.

We talked about this at great length before we set the blog up. I pointed out that the term 'bollocks' was actually something that could be said, because Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols proved it back in 1977 when they were taken to court for obscenity...

You might think the term vulgar or obscene - but please hold on a moment, watch the video and let me explain the reasoning behind its usage. 


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