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We'll be back in January 2019!

by Bob Dearsley on 18-Dec-2018 12:00:00

Welcome - and to some of you, welcome back.

Over the last two years we have provided you - SMEs and start-ups - with a series of what we hope are high-quality PR and marketing blogs covering tips, tricks and insights to help you to succeed in the modern digital-first era.

Earlier this year, and after more than 100 blogs, we decided to take a short but well-deserved break to take a look at the campaign and see what we could do better.

We've spent the last few months oiling the engine as it were, tightening screws and testing it out on the track before taking it for a real spin. 

And, after a considerable amount of testing, research and development - we're coming back with a bang in January 2019. We'll be producing even more quality content - both blogs and video - for you to tuck into.

Along with the author and curator, Bob Dearsley, we've put together a short video - as you can see below - to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and to give you a little insight into what we'll be doing in 2019. Check it out.


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This post was written by Bob Dearsley

Tech marketing director, started a B2B Tech PR shop 20+ years ago - PR veteran, Inbound Marketing disciple, SEO fanatic... Golf & Chelsea fan

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